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Danai Beach Resort occupies a private area of 40,000 sqm gifted with lush vegetation, growing under the Greek sun and blooming in the lavender-induced sea breezw. The areal is home to native song birds and swallows, to bright yellow citrus fruit, to pink Bougainvillea, Olive trees and numerous other Flora and Fauna species to surround you with beauty, taste and life.

Visiting Mrs. Julia in our Gardens, she is sure to have some useful hints on gardening and to share what she is currently growing at the Danai! Click to plant

Our Vineyard is a blooming soil to bestow our own harvest. Until then, the young vines of grapes sway in the pine-infused sea breeze, tables invite to remain while the bottles are not to sojourn.
40.000 SQM OF LIFE
The Resort is nestled into densely forested, green hills. The centuries-old pine trees that colonnade the premises host a population of swallows, native birds, owls and Squirrels and shalter a cosy home in their crowns entitling the feathered and furred guests to a long-term stay at Danai.
Our very own Vegetable garden supplies us with many gifts that we nuture and cherish from seed until stirred into our pots. That cucumber, this tomato, even the herbs that you fork out of your Greek Salad have been grown into their very existance right on our soil.
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