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Every event held at the Resort is tailor-made. Whether the occasion is a Wedding, Birthday, Conference, or Incentive Trip, your function deserves our undivided attention, our trained eye for detail, and our passion for your ideas.


"I DO"
The Wedding day deserves to be the utmost purely perfect event, for this day affirms the love between Two as much as it affirms their love to all those who come to share it. It is indeed a day of reaffirming bonds.
Our team of experienced event planners gladly adapt your personal ideas or inspire you with dazzling options beyond the event itself. We create itineraries for multiple-day celebrations, where each day marks a new experience, a memorable happening and unique scenery on the sheer endless dreamy venues dotted around the Resort. At each, we offer distinguished cuisine and panoramic views paired with impeccable service.

For the Big Day we provide photographers, florists, music entertainment and of course our Event planners to guide through these glorious festivities from the moment of getting ready right until the “Just Married”- Sign departs into the Honeymoon.

Once all speeches were held and the tables cleared there has got to be this moment when your guests cannot help but jump to their feet: whether the sandy beach or the bar is to be the dancefloor we will ensure a good reason to slip out of the heels.
Live DJs, Bands, Jazz ensembles, world-hits Cover-Bands and more thrilling performers are established within our Network. While we take care of all the arrangements, the technical equipment, lighting, and the stage, the pressure lies solemnly on your dancing feet to sustain the night!
There is many a Backdrop to be found at the Danai: whether the Function is to be set at the Beach, the Vineyard in an evergreen Garden or at the bottom of a majestic marble staircase at one of our Villas.
Whatever occassion you may be planning we are happy to tailor-make your personal setting and create the kind of ambience that you dream to clink glasses in.
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