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The Mansion of the Mediterranean

A veritable Mansion of the Mediterranean, this two-story Villa is unparalleled in sheer size and exclusivity and provides for every possible amenity with four Bedrooms, four Bathrooms, a door-to-ceiling windowed Livingroom and Kitchen. The White Villa crowns the Resort`s collection with its marble Terrace boasting a plethora of space on two levels equipped with Infinity Pool, Summer Jacuzzi, several relaxations and Dining areas and selected art stretching seemingly endless towards the cliffside on which it resides on top of the Aegean.


Sea View
appr. 950 sq.m.


The White Villa is set on two Floors with two Bedrooms and Living space, One separate Bedroom with Bathroom en Suite on Mezzanine Floor and the fourth separate Bedroom with a Bathroom on Parterre Floor accessed via private entrance or the Terrace.
The Pool may be safely secured with a fence for little (non-) swimmers. Due to the Villa's grand size and oppulent decor, the layout does not capture all its elements in detail.
A Song of native Birds
and Wind in the palm leaves
Where Private Cabanas invite to one's own section of the Beach, Loungers to a good read in the shade and our Beach Team to a cooled towel for the sun-touched skin
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